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We Make Podcasts Talking about Apple's Gear, and the Gear of Apple's Competitors.

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MacHeads Podcast has been growing from the start. We have been gaining subscribers and listeners, and have now maxed out to over 320 downloads. But this doesn’t sound like a lot? Well, it isn’t compared to other “famous” podcasts, but we have been growing in both subscribers and listeners by massive volumes, so it is a personal achievement.
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The Beginning of MacHeads Podcast

The Beginning of MacHeads Podcast


We are MacHeads Podcast, and we bring Podcasts to you talking about Apple’s gear, and the gear of Apple’s Competitors. We believe in making a podcast that all types of users can enjoy, whether you are a windows user, or a mac user, an IOS user, or an Android user, we hope to satisfy your listening needs. Although the name “MacHeads Podcast” may sound bios to Apple, we will touch on other areas such as Android and Windows. So, enjoy our podcasts, and learn something new, no matter what brand or type of electronics you use.


Austin L.

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